Library exhibit to showcase Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse

The Oswego Public library exhibit showcasing the Oswego West Pierhead Light house will be in place until Aug. 5.

A reception will be held Monday, July 22 from 6 to 7 p.m. to  meet the current keeper, Ted Panayotoff, and enjoy  refreshments.

Panayotoff has extensively researched the West Pierhead  Lighthouse and will be available to answer any questions.

The City of Oswego was awarded the Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse  by the U.S. Coast Guard in 2009. The city is now obligated, as specified in the deed, to restore and preserve this unique National  Historic Place.

The city is to develop, in partnership with the H. Lee White Marine Museum, programs for public education and historic interpretation and public access to the lighthouse.

The Oswego West Pierhead Lighthouse is the fourth lighthouse serving the mariner entering Oswego Harbor and sailing along Lake  Ontario.

Its rich history continues the traditions of the earlier  lighthouses and the lighthouse keepers that served at them.

The library exhibit serves as a brief introduction to those  predecessor lighthouses and outlines the history of the present lighthouse from the beginning of the port expansion in 1931, through its construction, to the start of its operation in 1934.

Operation of the lighthouse under the US Lighthouse Service until

1939 and subsequent operation under the US Coast Guard until its acquisition by the City of Oswego is covered. Today, it is still an active aid to navigation maintained by the Coast Guard, although the structure is owned by the City of Oswego.

The exhibit introduces lighthouse restoration, what is it and why  do it, and illustrates the restoration accomplishments to date at  the lighthouse.

Community involvement, a key element to a  successful lighthouse restoration is introduced and participation  from the city in the form of individuals, organizations and  businesses is solicited.

Future restoration projects in the very near term are outlined as are the more extensive future ones specifically, the exterior  restoration project.

The exhibit concludes with an illustration of  the final vision of the lighthouse as an integral part of Oswego’s vibrant historic waterfront and a première cultural attraction for the City of Oswego.

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