Turkey season over

Leon Archer
Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

Well, it happened folks. The turkey season is over and I did nothing to cut the population down.

In fact, near the end of the season, I got so stupid busy that I failed to hunt on a property where the owner told me a gobbler was strutting with impunity. I even had permission to hunt there.

Boy, was that bird ever lucky.

From what I’ve been hearing, I’m not alone in coming up birdless this year. I think the turkey population may be down a bit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them as common as Canada geese? Well, maybe not. I sort of like a challenge even if I do end up losing it, and it is always okay with me if the turkey wins.

I will have to oil my gun, but I won’t have to do a lot of cleaning. Actually, I didn’t get it wet and I didn’t get it bloody or muddy, and I didn’t even fire a practice shot, so I probably could just put it back in the case. Smells nice when it’s oiled though.

This is the year that my grandson, Nathaniel, turns 11 in August. He will be able to take his hunter safety training then and be ready to get his license when August 2014 rolls around. He already has a lifetime sportsman’s license that his grampa Weaver and I bought for him a few years ago, but that won’t do him any good until he is 12 and has gotten his training. Then we will be set to go. It’s just as hard for me to wait as it is for him – maybe harder.

He wants to begin practicing shooting and archery, and this summer should be a good time to get started. I have a couple of guns that should be very easy for him to manage — under my supervision, of course.

I plan to make his first experience one with a BB gun. What the heck, I started shooting one of those when I was about seven and I never shot my eye out or anyone else’s either.

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