Oswego High School Top 100 students receive recognition

The Oswego High School Top 100 students were recognized for the 24th consecutive year.

Several hundred people packed the Oswego High School Dining Hall for the annual “Top 100” dinner. This year, Oswego Rotary, PathFinder Bank, NBT Bank, and the Oswego City School District hosted the event with the Oswego City School District Food Service Department supplying a buffet extravaganza.

The ceremony became a reality in Oswego due to the efforts of Rotarian and former Oswego City School District administrator Ed Caraccioli. Over two decades ago, while on a visit to another club he was present for a very special event, which brought together the top students from that district.

He returned to Oswego and presented the concept to the local Rotarians. They not only adopted it, but have continued to support it and host the students at the annual event.

Rotary President Tom Ingram welcomed and congratulated the members of the Top 100 and noted the importance of being academic leaders within their school community.

As Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell announced each individual member the “Top 25,” each student received a recognition certificate from  Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist, Executive High School Principal Brian Hartwell and Oswego Board of Education members President John Dunsmoor and Vice President Kathleen Allen.

Crist said, “As our highest achieving academic students, your personal achievements are to be lauded and heralded. This milestone shows great persistence, determination and, of course, intelligence. It is truly a great setting to share with family, friends and loved ones an acknowledgement of our Top 100 students at the Oswego High School.”

He added, “You represent the academic leadership in our school. As the future leaders of our communities and presently of our schools we applaud you in your thirds for leading with this academic status.”

Several members of the “Class of 2013” were in attendance for their fourth consecutive year. All are bound to continue their education at campuses throughout the nation.

The students who were in attendance each of their years Dylan Currier (Rochester Institute of Technology), Vincent DeBiase (SUNY Oswego), Jeremy Galvin (LeMoyne College), Tess Gordon (St. John Fisher), Tory Jaskula (Skidmore College), Travis Kearns (Clemson University), Dylan Lavner (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Sarah Mancuso (SUNY Geneseo), Emilea Reiner (Georgia Institute of Technology), Grant Richmond (SUNY Stony Brook) , Leah Weiss (Western New England University School of Pharmacy), and Catherine Wells (Ithaca College).

Danielle Benigno (SUNY Oswego) is a senior who completed her academic work to graduate in three years.

Other seniors recognized for their accomplishments included  Jacob Annal (Rochester Institute of  Technology), Erin Chetney (LeMoyne College), David Culeton (St. Vincent College), Lisette Dufore (SUNY Fredonia), Alexa Healy (Edinboro University),  Frederick Johnson (Rochester Institute of Technology),  Courtney Kelly (Albany College of Pharmacy), Elisabeth Michaud (SUNY Geneseo), Mackenzie Palmer (SUNY Potsdam), Gordon Pan (University of Rochester), Jonah Restuccio (Ithaca College), and Robert Zeigler (Grove City College).

Eleventh graders recognized at this year’s dinner included  Nina Alcasid, Erica Atkins, Elizabeth Baker, Katelyn Cary, Kyle Collins, Madison Collins, Kerrigan Cummins, Evan Davis, Samantha Davis, Holly Gilbert, Mallory Gordon, Sarah Hoefer, Cassandra Hondro, Emily Hurlbutt, Courtney Johnson, Bo Yang Li, Shannon McIntosh, Michaela Moran, Allison Moshier, Jacob Oleyourryk, Zachary Salvador, Mitchell Schrader, Elizabeth Scott, Tory Welsch and Meggie Zhang.

The “Top 25” from the sophomore class included Sean Benjamin, Molly Brown, Joshua Bucher, Alaina Celeste, Nora Culeton, Zachary Gillard, Taylor Hamer, Allie Henderson, Shea Hewitt, Katherine Knopp, Brianah Lane, Mayraliz Lopez, Reilly Patrick, Rachael Purtell, Nicholas Reiner, Connor Sheffield, Edward Sheridan, Brenna Sherman, Thomas Simmonds, Allison Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Rebecca Victory, Kayla Volkomer, Kara Weiss and Nikolas Whiteside.

The ninth graders invited to the dinner included Brynn Adner, Ana Alcasid, Victoria Armet, Jenna Ballard, Katie Bradshaw, Trevor Bradshaw, Ayla Busch, Alexander Bush, Michaela Callen, Maia Delaney, Clare Donovan, Olivia Dowdle, Brianna Fernandez, Mark Forger, Jacob Gerber, Alexander Haessig, Evan James, John Khamis, Roman Danilo Madlangbayan, Natasha Mezza, Kyra O’Gorman, Chase Pelton, Claire Richardson, Kelly Skinner and Christopher Van Gorder.

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