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When I was looking through the list of columns that I have written since 1979, I discovered that a lot of them were about (guess what?) — food. Is it surprising that I have often written about food and eating?

I have written columns about Crackerjacks, sauerkraut making, soft drinks, and Toll House cookies:

“I have been thinking a lot about the famous Toll House Cookie this week. It all started Saturday when I found a little recipe booklet in an antique shop. The booklet, ‘Delicious Recipes Including Toll House Cookies,’ said the cookies were made with Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate, and features a photo of the yellow-wrapped bar with Peter Cailler Kohler Swiss Chocolate Co., Inc., Fulton, N.Y. clearly printed on the wrapper.”

I have also written about potato chips, Grandma Brown’s beans, ice cream, Girl Scout cookies, and several times about Peeps. There have been articles about French onion soup, breakfast cereals, Mrs. Pringle’s Christmas Cookies, and, of course, pizza:

“Can you believe that when I was a young child pizza wasn’t a staple in the average home. I can’t believe it either, but it’s true. It must have been the late forties or early fifties when pizza showed up in my life. It was sometime around then that my father discovered “Frank’s Pizza Shop” and pizza became a once a week menu item at our house.

“I don’t know why, but pizza was the only food that my father would even think about eating if it came smeared with an abundance of tomato sauce. And, he really seemed to like pizza.”

There have been columns about my mother’s and grandmother’s cooking, about fruitcakes, the New Orleans Cooking School, chili contests, and about my favorite neighborhood restaurant Enrico’s:

“I have probably had over 300 meals at Enrico’s Restaurant over the years. Enrico’s is located in the neighborhood where I grew up in Syracuse. When I went to grade school at McKinley, I passed Enrico’s four times every day.

“When I was fifteen I went to Enrico’s with my friends; my wife and I dated there; we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries there; we took our kids and friends there through the years.

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