Checkerboard Feed Store

by Jerry Kasperek

Let’s begin with The Checkerboard Feed Store: it was painted red and white, as Roy Abbott reminded me per a recent phone call, not black and white as I had written in my last column.

And it was on Gansvoort Street, behind the building that today houses the Gift Shop on West First Street. Roy also reminisced that he had worked at the GLF on West Broadway in 1961 and 1962 before it became Agway.

About Agway, Dave Coant wrote me a letter saying: “In the late 60’s until 1972, the Agway Feed Store was managed by a man from Painted Post, NY, Howard Duane Potter. He also ran a small beef cow farm in Volney on the Howard Road across from where the Niagara Mohawk building is now. Part of that farm, that is now gone, is behind the fence that was put up around the old dump at the corner of Howard Road and Silk Road.”

Mr. Potter went back to Painted Post, ran another Agway, and farmed “the best sweet corn and red potatoes in the southern tier,” Dave wrote, recalling his youth. He said he became best friends with Howard Potter Jr. and he “spent many summers planting corn and digging potatoes and selling the vegetables from West High School parking lot.”

Howard senior passed away in 2010, Dave said.

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