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RoyHodge_WEBby Roy Hodge

Catching up with the little guys:

Marcus, my youngest grandson, lives in Rochester. He is going to be three next month. He keeps his Mommy and Daddy — who also happen to be my daughter-in-law, Shelley, and my son, Adam — very busy.

Marcus goes to “school” every week day (we call it day care) and has a good time. I met Marcus when he was one, after he had been in America only a few days after the trip from his native Ethiopia.

Marcus has fun with his doggie friends Dunkin’ and Sophie and enjoys going camping with his Mommy and Daddy. The latest video we have seen of Marcus show him having a great time on a twisty-turny slide at a playground.

My little great-grandson, Colton Manning, will be two in July. He has been living in Centreville, Virginia, near Washington, D. C.  He will be moving on Memorial Day weekend with his parents, Courtney, my granddaughter, and Chris Manning, to Wake Forest, N.C.

Colton recently sang, loud and clear, “Happy Birthday” to his Mommy. A few days later, on Mother’s Day, he was decked out in his Santa Claus pajamas wishing Mommy a “Happy Momma’s Day.”

My two neighborhood buds have also been keeping busy this spring. Andrew is going to be five later this month and will go to kindergarten in September.

When he told me that he was going to be five, I asked two-year-old Nathan how old he was.  “Sixteen,” he answered.

“Wow, you’re sixteen?” I said.

“He’s counting up to twenty now,” his father said.

Sixteen is apparently one of his favorite numbers. Okay, sixteen it is.

Nathan is following a familiar path around our back yard very close to the one Andrew trod a couple of years ago. He follows the brick paths through the garden, pats Joe the Gnome (Andrew named him), checks out everything in the garden and the old fireplace which is part of the garden, and completes the tour with a rinsing of hands and face and a hearty splashing in the garden’s bird baths.

It should be an interesting summer.

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