Protestors rally against treasurer appointment

by Carol Thompson

An informational picket in protest of the Oswego County Legislature’s appoint of former legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley to the position of county treasurer was held outside the county office complex Thursday as legislators met inside.

The protestors held signs as passing motorists slowed to read them and honked as they passed by the corner of East Second and Bridge streets.

Beardsley was named treasurer last month. For 90 minutes, legislators debated Beardsley’s qualifications and the lack of his answering any of his educational credentials.

“This appointment is not the people’s choice,” said protestor Judy Prosser of Hannibal. “It’s the choice of the Republican majority and was decided before the legislature even met.”

Prosser said those who supported Beardsley did so without knowing Beardsley’s qualifications.

“What are Mr. Beardsley’s qualifications for handling the finances of a multi-million dollar organization?” Prosser asked. “When this was asked on the floor (of the legislature) the response was that it was not a job interview. I beg to differ. The legislators were being asked to vote for an appointment without being given knowledge of the candidate’s qualifications for the job. That is just wrong.”

Protestors called for Beardsley to resign.

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