May is a busy month for scholarships

Bodley-RothrockKate_Wby Kate Rothrock

Just when everyone thought that summer was on the way, the weather these past few days has brought flashbacks from winter! Spring sport teams especially do not like it!

The GRB Spring Cleanup brought in tons of students and staff to help make it a success.

Students and staff raked, mulched, planted flowers and cleaned up all around GRB. Thank you to everyone who went, the school looks amazing!

Advanced Placement tests will continue this week. Good luck to everyone rounding out their AP tests. Many students can finally breathe a sigh of relief as most are over!

Thirty-five week progress reports will be mailed this Friday.

Senior Dinner Dance tickets will continue to be on sale until June 6. The sit down dinner will be at Wysocki’s June 14 from 6 to 11 p.m.

Seniors, don’t forget that May is a busy month for scholarships and many are due soon! All scholarships can be found in the guidance office. It is free money!

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