Village election

by Sandra Blanchard, Hannibal

I wrote a letter to the editor in The Valley News recently, asking to make our government accountable.

I was surprise to see that the 19th of June was the wrong date for village elections as I had called the village clerk to confirm the date. Some how there must have been a miscommunication.

The correct date for the village election is the June 18.

Mayor Fred Kent’s two-year term is up along with two-year terms of trustees Joseph Caruana and Wendell Blanchard.

The elections will be held at the Hannibal town hall again June 18.

Many of our elected seats are filled year after year unopposed. We need people that live within the Hannibal village willing to run for these seats and work to make Hannibal a better and safer place to life.

Don’t forget to vote June 18.

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