Mock trial program

by Thom Benedetto (via e-mail)

The 2013 Mock Trial Season is now behind us. I would like to congratulate the students from Paul V. Moore High School for winning the County Tournament. All of the teams, however, deserve congratulations.

The students worked very hard, spending countless hours learning the case, about the law, and rehearsing. They, the students and teachers/advisors alike, put their hearts and souls into this competition. It surely shows, and I have consistently received positive feedback from parents, our judges, attorneys and community members, about how well the students do every year.

It is so very rewarding to see the students perform and I am always in awe watching their excitement at the events.

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to be the coordinator of the Oswego County Mock Trial program. I am very grateful and feel blessed for the confidence placed in me. It is with regret, however, that I announce my retirement as county coordinator. I do so with much trepidation and sadness, but

I am pursuing some other challenges which will undoubtedly take me in different directions, both personally and professionally. I will take away many fond memories, however, and a strong sense of accomplishment surrounding this program.

What does this mean for mock trial? I hope it represents an opportunity for another member of our association to step forward. I will be working closely with the executive committee to identify someone to take over. It is my hope that my successor will be named by the end of this school year so that planning may begin for next year.

In closing, there are many, many people that I must thank who have been very generous with their time and assistance. In particular, the following teachers deserve recognition: Carol Blackburn (Phoenix), Jonna St. Croix (Sandy Creek), Vern Borrowman (Mexico), Sarah Jobin (Central Square), and several others.

You all work very hard, and most were involved from the very beginning, so thanks for sticking with me. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with you.

I’d also like to thank our judiciary, all of whom have been very generous with their time, year after year, after year, after year. Thanks to all of the other volunteers and supporters of this program. I truly thank you, one and all.

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