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Leon Archer
Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

I drove by a restaurant just a few days ago and saw a sign advertising Bullhead dinners and I was almost tempted to stop.

I hope it wasn’t a mistake. I expect to catch my own in a week or so, but a side trip to Seattle was in the cards first, so Mr. Whiskers will be safe from me for a few more days.

I did stop at Greene Point up on Sandy Pond to see what the rquirements were for launching a boat there and I inquired about the bullhead fishing. The owner said that they hadn’t been biting much and that even the crappie fishing was sort of slow.

I did get the information I needed about launching after closing hours and I wasn’t upset by the fishing report seeing as how I wouldn’t be hitting the water just yet anyway.

Ever since my father died years ago, my fishing at Sandy Pond became a lot more sporadic. Dad used to call me just about every good afternoon during the spring bullhead run to see if I could make the run up to go fishing.

Unless I had other commitments, I usually gave Sweet Thing a kiss and loaded up my gear and spent the evening with my Dad.

I truly believe there was something special, almost magical, about those evenings we spent together. I know I always came away with a whole lot more than fish.

Now here we are just a half a week from turkey season and I know that you turkey hunters are itching to have at them. I’ve heard a couple birds, but I won’t get out until May 5th at least, so maybe one of you will beat me to them. I know, I know, what is so important that it keeps me out of the woods? It’s a fair question so I’ll fill you in.

My son, Ben, and his wife, Meghan, became first time parents less than two weeks ago. Sweet Thing and I had been planning to go out and get our hands on our new grandchild as soon as we could and thus our current trip to Seattle.

Beckett Hunter Archer was born April 16, 2013, and the little guy weighed in at seven pounds and 13 ounces. After seeing him, I have to tell you he is a keeper. He looks a lot like his father did when he came into the world. I tell Ben that Beckett looks a lot like me, only younger and with darker hair, but mostly he looks like himself.

So while you lucky people are out harassing the turkeys, I’ll be patting and rocking one good looking baby any time I can get him away from grandma.

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