Fulton Police Department identifies driver in Carolee Ashby case

Oswego County resident Douglas Parkhurst, 62, has been identified as the operator of a 1962 tan Buick Special that struck four-year old Carolee Ashby Halloween night 1968.

Ashby was struck as she crossed, what is now known as State Route 481 at Division Street in the City of Fulton, with her sister and cousin.

Due to the expiration of the Statute of Limitations, no charges will be filed in this matter.

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8 thoughts on “Fulton Police Department identifies driver in Carolee Ashby case”

  1. expiration of the Statute of Limitations, no charges will be filed in this matter ?!?!?!………. so if im drunk…. hit and kill a child……. then hide it for 40 years and then admit that ive done the crime I get to walk away without getting into any trouble ??? Thats a crock of bull if you ask me. This man tore the heart out of so many people and should be sitting behind bars for the next 40 years

    1. Now it’s up to Doug Parkhurst to go to the family and ask forgiveness.The law can’t do anything but your conscience can Doug.

  2. I have since I was a child seen this child’s grave, as she is buried in front of my grandparents. I have prayed for her and her family. Never does a year go by that her headstone isn’t decorated. God bless her family, may this bring some closure to them.

  3. A small consolation that the Ashby family can now know for sure who the driver of that car was. I don’t understand the part where the police questioned Parkhurst, discovered he had damage to his car, discovered his car matched the description of the car that hit the girl, disovered that his explanation of how the damage to the car happened was inconsistent with the actual damage on the car…yet nothing else happened? Who dropped that big ball? And why?

  4. Scott – I totally agree with you. My only quibble is that he actually hid the fact for 45 years. Looks like he has a nice family if you look him up on Facebook – how nice he went on to reproduce after destroying that girl’s family.

  5. There’s no statute of limitations on Murder in Second Degree in NYS. One of the definitions of this is:
    125.25 Murder in the second degree.

    2. Under circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life,
    he recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to
    another person, and thereby causes the death of another person;

    I think driving drunk is depraved indifference. Why isn’t someone pursuing this?

  6. How is this not involuntary manslaughter? Oh there is a Statue of Limitations for manslaughter? Unbelievable! It’s a good thing I’m not the parent of this child as I would not allow such a coverup for so many years! I would be fighting until something was done! Nothing will bring the little girl back, but this man should have some form of punishment! Maybe the citizens of Fulton should get together an form some form of committee to make the justice system answer for letting someone commit murder.

  7. Vechicular homicide has a statue of limitations? Still covering something up even after all these years. This person took not only an innocent child from her family and community,but also took the innocents of a city. The “City with a Future” was no longer Fulton after this.

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