Town vehicle clarification

by Jane Crego, Fulton

I guess I need to clarify my position on personal use of Granby Town vehicles because some readers didn’t quite understand my issue.

First of all, I was not referring to the Granby town employees taking home the big plow trucks to start plowing early before they get to work.

I was referring to them taking home a pickup truck that should only be used on very small roads and not on major highways — nor are they used on two-lane roads or to clear up emergency routes as the reader seemed to think.

Also, the reader who responded indicated that some places get two feet of snow where others get two inches. I get the two feet of snow. The employees who are taking home the plow pickup trucks are doing so because they choose to not use their own cars to get to work.

Also the employee who I am referring to is not the town highway superintendent, but an hourly employee who may or may not be insured. If this person has an accident while driving a truck that belongs to the town, our taxpayer dollars are paying for the costs.

Incidentally, there have been two incidents this year where town employees have damaged other traveler’s vehicles simply because of inattention.

Perhaps in Clay, it’s okay to use taxpayers dollars to fund personal use of town equipment and vehicles, but I pay enough in taxes in Granby that I don’t want to pay extra for something that is not directly benefitting the town or town citizens.

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