Fire chief: Minetto supervisor wants to dissolve department

by Terri DiGregorio

The Minetto Town Board’s meeting April 8 began like any other with reports being presented, minutes being approved from previous meetings and discussions about upcoming events.

However, a hand-written sign had been placed in front of the podium by Supervisor William Dodd.

On the sign were excerpts from Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of the town law regarding the duties of the members of the board. Dodd read the sign to those present before speaking about recent concerns about his actions.

“If I get a phone call from one taxpayer or fifty taxpayers, I have to address that issue and bring it to the attention of the board,” he said. “Every single person deserves respect and merit placed on their concern. There has been some talk that I have not been doing that and that is not true. It is the job of the trustees of the board to make decisions together. It is not my money. I am not acting alone. I don’t make any financial decisions on my own.”

One of the big issues that sparked a heated exchange was in relation to the Minetto Volunteer Fire Department.

A phone call reportedly made by Dodd to another fire company inquiring their ability to cover the Minetto area if the fire department was dissolved was not well received by members of the Minetto department.

Chief Joe Smegelsky read from a prepared statement in regards to the issue. In it, he stated that the members of the department, who are all volunteers, were offended by Dodd’s phone call.

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