A world without the press

by William Fruce, Fulton

In everyday life, our press gathers information, conducts interviews, and takes pictures to communicate events happening in our world.

What would happen if the newspaper and our news media did not exist or was eliminated?

Newspapers, news channels, and the internet help express the events that occur each day. The press covers political news, and foreign affairs.

Social news covers topics such as homicides and natural disasters, and the latest developments in science and technology.

The Internet brings news to a greater number of people worldwide.  We hear news every day. The reason that we are able to hear the news so quickly is because of the press.

The press is similar to having a ball in a game. Without the ball, the players would not be able to play. These two things are closely related because the press is the ball that gives the news to the people.

Without the press, our knowledge of other countries and foreign affairs would be limited to what you would hear and would be full of inaccuracies and biased statements.

The press alerts us when a natural or man-made disaster occurs. There would be manipulation and lies without the press. The press brings the news to us in a factual way.

Freedom of speech is an important right that gives the press the ability to deliver news to society in a truthful and factual manor.

Our government seems to be encroaching on our rights. We the citizens of The United States of America need to uphold our first amendment for the benefit of our society.

EDITOR’S NOTE: William Fruce, a Fulton resident, is a ninth-grade student at Christian Brothers Academy. This letter was part of a school writing assignment.

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