Manors at school functions

by Suezette Dunham, Fulton

When you accuse someone of talking, I would suggest for you to have the decency to address the right person. Last night, I was treated very poorly by a man with no manors. He stood up and looked straight at me and said, “Would you please be quite for the rest of the concert!”

First sir, I was being quiet, and second, there are two ways to address such things and that was not the way. You are very rude and disrespectful. Let me enlighten you in the correct way of doing things.

If someone is annoying you, you turn and very nicely shush them. That is the correct way of doing things. You gave a fine example of what to do if you want to be rude (to the entire school). What a nice lesson for the kids who are already going through a tough time to see.

I am sure that you can tell by the way that I have written this up, I do believe in manners. Too many people do not. If you had looked at me, you would have seen that I was not talking, just watching the orchestra. I do not believe in putting anyone down in public, but since you were so kind to do it to me, I will be glad to return the favor.

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