Florida winter

Leon Archer
Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

We have had sort of a reverse winter in Florida and, as I write this column, we are only about 10 degrees colder than Fulton. December and January were beautiful, almost steamy at times, and February was just about perfect, but March has been a really cool month.

March brought some freezes and frosts, but mostly just north of Barefoot Bay. We had one frost that did a number on my tomatoes and beans, but that was it.

On the other hand, we have had 15 nights that the temperature dipped below 40 compared to less than half that number total for December through February.

So I guess I won’t have a problem adjusting to the Fulton temperatures.

Sweet Thing and I expect that we’ll be back in our old digs before the middle of April. As much as we love getting out of the New York State winters, we always look forward to getting back home in the spring. One thing I know, the fishing has to be better than it has been down here.

The poor fishing and cold days have forced me to look for things to do other than outdoor pursuits. I have been making Sweet Thing very happy, because our Barefoot Bay residence has been getting a bit of sheet rock work done that has been hanging fire for some time and painting of every room in the house.

I have enough other updating jobs to keep me busy until we leave, so I could care less right now what the weather does, providing we don’t have a tornado.

Next season, I may start fishing fresh water instead of salt. We have great bass and crappie fishing all around us, and plenty of catfish too.

Stick Marsh, which is just west of us, has a great reputation and many fishermen come from quite a distance to fish it. I only have to drive about eight miles.

Another big area is going to be added to Stick Marsh as nearby marginal land is allowed to flood. That should become a really hot piece of fishing water in a year or two.

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