Oswego County to receive funding for road improvements

55843001by Andrew Henderson

Oswego County is targeted to receive more than $5 million in state funding for highway maintenance and repairs, according to Senator Patty Ritchie.

The State Senate started passing major budget bills this past Sunday. One of the bills includes a plan to invest hundreds of millions of dollars for road and bridge construction projects across Central and Northern New York.

The legislation also includes  the first increase in five years in state funding for local highway maintenance and repairs.

The transportation budget bill (S.2604-E) includes a $75 million increase in funding under the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs), which funds projects on local roads across the region.

Separately, the budget bills include $3.4 billion in funding for state and federally funded highway projects, including at least $150.2 million for specific projects in the region that includes Oswego County.

In Oswego County, projects to be funded in the 2013-2014 budget year include:

• $2.43 million for intersection improvements at Route 481 and County Route 45 in Volney;

• $750,000 for improvements at the intersection at Route 176 and County Route 7 in Hannibal;

• $750,000 for work on Route 3 between County Route 3 and West Fifth St. in Fulton;

• $2.28 million for work on Route 69 in Mexico;

• $670,000 for the Salmon River Greenway Trail and Streetscape in Pulaski;

• $1.6 million for work at County Route 156 in Sandy Creek

• $800,000 for work on Route 13 between County Routes 30A and 22.

For the 2014-2015 budget, projects include:

• $2.69 million for intersection improvement on Route 481 at Churchill Road and County Route 57;

• $1.04 million for bridge replacement on County Route 41A over Grindstone Creek;

• $550,000 for work on Phillips Street at Tannery Creek in Fulton; and

• $260,000 for bridge rehabilitation at North Sixth St.

“Investing in critical road and bridge repairs, construction and improvements not only helps make our economy stronger, but also supports tens of thousands of good jobs in design and construction and maintenance that we need right now,” Ritchie said.

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