A Technicolor Memory

by Jim Farfaglia

A Technicolor Memory


Nowadays you’ll find it on a tiny disc

and you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Back then, though, you planned ahead

so as not to miss its once-a-year

TV spectacular…


We’d gather at our cousins’ house,

our aunt popping us a bowlful,

our tiny hands grabbing fistfuls,

anxious to be swept away by every scene:


The open door shifting her world

from black and white to color,

the witch tossing that fireball

to the fragile and frightened scarecrow,

the Great and Powerful spooking that coward

right through a window…


Today we fast-forward through boring parts

or replay endless enchanted moments –

but remember when our only choice

was to store them within?


Then, when we’d returned

to our black and white world,

there’d be no need to search for rainbows,


no, they would be right here

– home –

in our hearts.

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