Granby highway vehicles

by Jane Crego, Granby  

Granby taxpayers, do you know what your tax dollars are being used for?

For instance, did you know that your tax dollars pay for a Granby Highway Department worker (not the superintendent, but an hourly worker) to drive to and from work in a vehicle paid for by you?

Did you know that the same vehicle is being used by some of the Granby Highway Department employees to plow their personal driveways?

Did you know that Granby Town Highway Superintendent Ray Sullivan take a truck home at night, too?

Did you know the highway superintendent has informed Town Supervisor Ed Williamson that he can spend taxpayer money any way he wants?

I think that this is really messed up. We elected the town officials for Granby expecting that they were going to do everything in their power to protect the citizens’ tax dollars from frivolous, unnecessary spending.

I have to pay for, insure, and fuel a vehicle to drive to work every day to pay these taxes. I am confident that we pay town highway workers enough so that they can pay for their own transportation. Why are we paying for this employee’s gas as well? Shouldn’t he be responsible just like the rest of us?

If our elected leaders can’t ensure that our tax dollars are being spent wisely, then maybe it’s time to replace our elected leaders. This is a vicious circle — they spend more than they should, increase our taxes, which increases spending, which increases our taxes again.

We need to stop this insane spending in our town and other areas of government.

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