Minetto town board discusses unexpected expenditures

Members of the Minetto town board discussed the budget and how to handle unexpected expenditures during their meeting Monday night.

As with many other villages and towns, Minetto is dealing with an increase in the cost of equipment, fuel and other expenses while revenues have stayed the same or decreased due to budget cuts all across the state.

Budgets for everything from municipalities to libraries are working with funds less than in 1985.

“It’s what happens in towns when they need more fireplugs or building improvements have to be made sooner rather than later,” said board member David Domicolo. “The cost of living keeps going up and the money available to us keeps going down.”

As Supervisor William Dodds explained, “The 2013 budget was drawn up using the revenue in place and these unexpected expenses aren’t going to happen again, but everyone involved is doing the best they can to recoup the money we had no choice but to use.”

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