Heading back north

Leon Archer
Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

It is hard to believe that Sweet Thing and I will be headed back north in less than four weeks.

The Kulle’s left just a couple days ago and we are now in the work mode as we do some upgrading on our Florida home.

We are putting down some new flooring in our Florida room and I’ve got some sheet rock to finish. We probably will get out another day or two with the pontoon boat before we leave, but there will be a lot more work than play between now and our trip home.

Tim and I bought a new trailer for the pontoon boat, because for the first time since I bought it, I will be bringing it back north with us.

I have always said how I thought it would make a great boat for fishing bullheads and now I am going to learn if that is true.

It will also get some use on Owasco Lake when the lake trout start hitting there in May. It is the perfect boat whenever the grandchildren want to go with me.

This will be the first year in a long, long time that I will be home to pick up a good bunch of night crawlers. I am usually home when the best picking is long over and the grass has gotten high.

I don’t know if Nathaniel will be very proficient at grabbing the big worms, but he is going to have to learn. I can only bend over for about an hour before my back rebels.

The pontoon boat will get a chance to do its stuff on Thirty Island Lake in Canada, too. We are going to take it up there for the summer, and again, it should make a great platform for the grandkids to fish from, and the lake is chock full of willing and tasty panfish.

Another thing that our earlier than normal departure will do  is give me a chance to actually check out a number of spots for turkey hunting.

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