Successful cabaret

by Nancy Fox, Director

It is with delight I say a hearty thank you for the wonderful support CNY Arts Center received from businesses, organizations, members, and media coverage, for our first Cabaret “Songs of the Seasons.”

We greatly appreciate the businesses, organizations, and artists who donated gift certificates and works of art for their contribution.

The entertainers, Adam Schmidtmann, Amy Price, Carly Farfaglia, Noel Christine and Marlina Beebe, directed by Marguerite Beebe and accompanied by the incomparable Douglas McCall, presented a wonderful evening of music and poetry in a relaxed environment. Steve and Josh Beebe provided technical design, assistance and videography while CNY Arts Center volunteers pitched in to put on a lavish feast of desserts and decorations and play host to our guests.

With the response and support demonstrated at the cabaret, we are affirmed there is great passion for the arts in Fulton and in Central New York.

We are proud to be a part of the art community and committed to promoting all art organizations, and all arts for all ages.

I personally am grateful for the hard work and dedication of so many. Thank you everyone!

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