Mother organizes rally at Voorhees Park

by Nicole Reitz

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that every seven minutes a child is bullied at school. Fulton resident and mother Heather Clark knows this statistic to be true.

Clark’s oldest daughter, a student at G. Ray Bodley High School, has been the victim of bullying. Clark says that her daughter has been getting bullied by schoolmates on and off since middle school. She is often the burnt of weight related jokes and has been shoved into lockers and taunted.

Clark said that it is a struggle to get her daughter to get up for school. She can’t miss anymore class time, having already been absent for nearly 40 days this year for medical-related issues.

When Clark confronted school officials about her daughters bullying, she was told that there are surveillance cameras and that teachers monitor the halls. The problem lies in the fact that most incidents occur in locations without much supervision: bus stops, on the bus, in bathrooms and stairwells.

“The bullying situation is an overwhelming issue for every school district, not just Fulton,” siad Clark. “I think they just see it as too big to handle. I feel that the schools are not stiff enough on their penalties or offer much resolve for the different types of bullying.”

Clark said that it’s not enough to tell a child that the bullying will pass or that it’s not that bad.

“Why do we have to allow our children to be bullied so bad that some end up taking their own lives?” Clark questioned.

Last week, Clark began a Facebook group for event she created, an Oswego County Anti-bullying Protest. The rally will take place March 29 at 2 p.m. at Vorhees Park, which is located at South Fourth Street in Fulton.

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