Before Computers

by Jim Farfaglia


“w” was never that special a letter –

just one of 26, more or less;

not leading the way, in triplicate,

for some newfangled kind of address.


And when it comes to addresses,

what postman back then ever knew

how in the world to deliver a message

to “com” or “org”… or “edu?”


Google was just a misspelled goggle,

and nobody’ d heard of  “Wikipedia.”

Things weren’t just believed on the spot –

no, we relied on our encyclopedia.


Text wasn’t something you did,

it was a book you learned from in school.

And “cut and paste” meant it was time for fun,

so we’d get out of scissors and glue.


No, our world didn’t revolve ‘round

the click on a screen, big or small.

It was still there when the power went off –

in fact, those were the best times of all!

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