Barclay calls Hollywood gun amendment a ‘joke’

by Andrew Henderson

Governor Andrew Cuomo made the first amendment to the controversial NY SAFE Act last week. It was an amendment that Assemblyman Will Barclay called a “joke.”

The governor’s first amendment to the controversial gun-control legislation allows Hollywood productions to continue using the weapons banned by the legislation.

Barclay has expressed concern that the first amendment to this ill-conceived measure failed to address the restrictions banning law enforcement officers from entering school property as well as the legitimate concerns of law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners.

“(Last week), we saw nearly 10,000 law-abiding sportsmen, law enforcement officers and law-abiding gun owners rally together for their right to bear arms,” Barclay said about Thursday’s rally in Albany. “Rather than address their concerns and the many flaws in the NY SAFE Act, the governor has decided that the needs of Hollywood producers supersedes the needs of our residents and law enforcement officers.

“It’s more evident with each passing day that the NY SAFE Act needs to be repealed,” Barclay added. “I urge the governor to take action and eliminate this measure that does little to address the root causes of violence and illegal firearm use, while infringing on the constitutional right of all responsible New Yorkers.”

Recently, members of the Oswego County Legislature approved a resolution urging the state to repeal its recently adopted NY Safe Act.

Oswego County was one of 50 counties to have proposed or passed resolutions seeking its repeal.

The new law requires criminal background checks on the sale of ammunition, requires five-year renewals on pistol permits, and changes mental health reporting requirements.

Those mandates will be costly to the county, the legislators claim in their memorializing resolution. The legislation outlines a stricter definition of assault weapons and implements an immediate ban of defined assault weapons.

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One thought on “Barclay calls Hollywood gun amendment a ‘joke’”

  1. So according to Coumo, it is good to glorify mass murder with guns, but not good to have these same guns locked in our safes? How will our children learn gun safety? At the movies with Stallone and others or with their moms and dads? We will allow cocaine snorting Californians to have these guns in our inner cities but not a minister hunting in the Adirondacks?

    As misguided as the safe act is, this amendment just plain offensive to all the members of our state.

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