Enjoying the poems

by Theresa Duger, Hannibal

My husband makes me happy when he says that he paid the subscription of The Valley News because he knows I read it all.

It is important to me to know what is happening in the Fulton area and Oswego County.

I would like to thank the newspaper for printing “The Poetry Corner.” I like to thank Jim Farfaglia for the excellent job he does in his poetry. He writes words that can accomplish great things capturing the power of communication.

For me, writing poetry I a sacred art; it is the communication that feeds not just the mind but also the soul of the reader. He crafts the language with thought that breathe and words that burn.

Sometimes I stayed up late and when I read a great line of one of his poems and when the meaning of it penetrated in my soul, I sleep good.

Sometimes, I said “I wish I could write like that. I wish I could write something that would make other people feel like I just felt after I read his poems.”

At times, I read his poetry after dinner for dessert.

Sometimes I read his poetry patiently, endlessly letting my mind wonder, letting my imagination get challenged with the inspiration of the priceless words printed on the page.

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