Granby water district vote this Tuesday

by Nicole Reitz

A vote will be held Tuesday, Feb. 26 from noon to 9 p.m. for the establishment of Water District #6 in the Town of Granby.

Property owners in the proposed water district may cast their votes at the Granby Town Hall on County Route 8.

Water District #6 includes Wyborn, Prall, Ritchie, County Line, County Route 55, South Granby Road, Sharp, Leo Mar, Merritt, County Route 14, and County Route 8 South.

Cards have been sent to all property owners in the district.

Granby Supervisor Ed Williamson is encouraging deed holders to cast their votes — whether they want city water or not.

The district will be established with the majority of votes. If the majority votes yes, every home or landowner in Water District #6 will have a 38-year assessment of $535 added to their taxes.

The $535 is over the life of the mortgage. Should the home be sold, the new property owners will continue paying that amount. Those who want the water will have to hook up the lines to their houses and pay for usage.

The cost to hook up to the water depends on the distance from the home to the pipe itself.

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One thought on “Granby water district vote this Tuesday”

  1. We would like to know why Pinnacle Hill Rd is exempt from this vote? We are the only Road in the district that is exempt; therefore we do not have a vote? But we do understand that if when the other areas in the district are complete and there is enough money left we will get the service. I certainly hope we are given the chance to vote, unlike others who were turned away tonight or had to PROVE they had the right to voice their vote. The list of those allowed to vote was not from current tax rolls but from a FIVE YEAR OLD list. Some individuals were forced to go home and return with their deeds, and still questioned. One gentleman signed in and asked why did he have to use a pencil to do so? “He thought when signing a legal document it had to be done in ink so as not to be changed”, he was told to use the pencil or not vote. I thought we lived in the United States of America, but that which I saw tonight in the Town of Granby town offices was not our country, not our freedom or our free country. I would also like to know at what point were ALL residents of the town of Granby notified of the conditions of this proposal and when were they all informed of this vote? After all not all of us receive the Valley News.
    Thank you
    DeAnne Townsen

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