How Fulton Got Its Name

by Jim Farfaglia

How Fulton Got Its Name

They say he was a dreamer;

that, as a child, he loved to sketch,

he loved to tinker,

and they say he loved the water…


which would have made him

right at home, here,

with our river and lake

and their quiet spots to sit and dream.


Early on, he got his feet wet

sketching torpedoes and warships,

even having a hand in the first submarine,

but he’s best known for inventing the steamboat.


And when they were was all the rage,

he rode one up and down the Hudson,

never traveling this far,

but news of his success drifted our way.


And when he died too young

trying to rescue a drowning friend,

it only seemed fitting for our city’s founders

to take his name


so it might carry on –

like the current of our river,

like the ripples of our lake,

like the richness of a good dream, never-ending.

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