Light In The Darkness: February 6, 2013

by Pastor David Grey

A Response to President Obama’s request for help from pastors…

Though I often endeavor to show how the precepts in Scripture are relevant to the most pressing issues of the day, I have no intention of turning this column into a vehicle for political activism.

I remain absolutely certain that the only hope for America is a repentant turning to the God of the Bible.

At the same time, something occurred recently that compels me to make an exception this week.

In a recent address to the nation, our president called upon all Americans to unite to pass his gun control initiatives.  Because he specifically called upon pastors (among others) to help, I feel compelled to make a public statement and believe it is right to do so.

Since this is the only public venue available for me to do so, I will use it.

I do find it interesting, by the way, that the same government that twists the words of the First Amendment regarding separation of church and state to mean the precise opposite of what is clearly written would now ask for help from pastors.

Nevertheless, I welcome the opportunity to respond.

What took place in Columbine, in Aurora, at Sandy Hook Elementary and other similar places is both tragic and reprehensible…but so is the “solution” to the problem proposed by our leaders.

There is a better way to address the problem and they all know it, for they themselves consistently use that better way both for themselves and for their own children.

I can only conclude, therefore, that they have some other agenda that has nothing to do with solving the problem created by a murderous few.

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