Author’s book to be released February 14

Pictured is the cover of Carol Thompson’s first novel, “To Catch a Firefly,” which will be published Feb. 14. The story takes place circa 1960 in the fictional town of Elm Grove, N.Y., which is modeled after Elm Grove, Wisc.

by Andrew Henderson

Carol Thompson’s book, “To Catch a Firefly,” is slated to be released Feb. 14

The story takes place circa 1960 in the fictional town of Elm Grove, N.Y., which is modeled after Elm Grove, Wisc.

The story takes readers through the journey of nine-year-old Genevive Pearce, an innocent child who accidentally becomes caught in the political wrangling of two prominent families in Elm Grove.

“It’s very exciting to see the book in print but it’s also been a lot of hard work, particularly the last two months,” Thompson said. “Each editing pass-through required me to proofread and it was time consuming.”

Thompson, a reporter for The Valley News, said the final edit pass-though and proofreading was completed by Connie Berry, a former associate editor of The Valley News, who now resides in Massachusetts.

“Connie has a sharp eye for picking up the small errors such as an extra space between a word and a period or comma and she gave the manuscript the extra polish that it needed,” Thompson said. “My protagonist lived in the south until age eight, and the punctuation of the dialect was difficult, especially when the dialog was lengthy. It took a long time and several sets of eyes to be sure every apostrophe was in the correct place.”

The cover art was created by CLK-Design of the UK and Mary Manchin, a student at Syracuse University, designed the cover.

Thompson said only when she saw the cover did the book seem real.

“I had the book galley, without a cover or title page, and after a while it just looked like words on pages,” she said. “When the cover was added, it hit me that it’s a real book.”

Thompson credited her family and friends for supporting her throughout the process.

“I don’t know what I’d do without their support,” she said. “My friends knew the right times to drag me away to go out to dinner or on a road trip. I found that everywhere we went and everything we did would bring and idea for another book.”

Thompson said she’s been working on a non-fiction book about her experiences as a news reporter. “Over the years, many people have asked me to write a book about all the goings-on that went unreported,” she said. “I have quite a bit of it completed and I’ve just begun another fiction book based on a recent adventure with friends.”

Thompson said she and her friends took a recent Sunday road trip to the Finger Lakes area.

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