Fulton snow totals slightly below average

shovelby Nicole Reitz

The Fulton Water Works has been tracking snow by the inch for the last 38 wintery seasons.

According to Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator John Florek, the first measurable snowfall of the season was Nov. 24.

As of Jan. 28, Fulton has received 97.5 inches of snow. On the same date in 2011, Fulton had 49 inches of snow.

The average yearly snowfall for Fulton by the end of January is 106.9 inches, making this year slightly under the recorded average.

Florek has been with the Department of Public Works for 37 out of the 38 recorded seasons. “Fulton receives more snow in the month of January than any other winter month,” he noted.

Fulton saw 10.1 inches of snow this November, 36.3 inches of snow in the month of December, and 51.1 inches of snow in January.

Fulton was experiencing below normal snowfall and temperatures until Jan. 20 when an intense band of lake effect snow dumped 34.3 inches of snow on the city over a three-day period.

Schools were closed Jan. 22 when Fulton received 16.1 inches of snow from midnight to midnight.

Fulton even made national news after the lake-effect storm when Gio Benitez, reporting for Good Morning America, visited the city.

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