Remembering Card Games

by Jim Farfaglia

Remembering Card Games


They brightened many a boring evening:

someone would pull out a deck,

explain the rules and, after a few hands,

friendships would be melded.


A good shuffler made a big impression:

the most talented ones

were also the most envied –

they could make a deck just sing out.


You could tell a card shark by how he dealt:

cards sailing across the table,

never sliding off onto the floor –

stopping right in front of each player.


You had a choice how to hold your cards:

like a geisha, waving her fan,

like a stairway, one atop the other,

like a true gambler, close to his heart.


Those games taught us a lot about life:

good winners never bragged,

poor sports threw their cards,

and nobody wanted to sit next to a cheater.


And who could forget the feel of a new deck:

each of those fifty-two, crisp and clean,

everyone in the circle already certain

of the good luck coming their way.

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