Bridge work continues despite wintry conditions

87603805by Nicole Reitz

Despite the wintry weather conditions, construction continues on the Route 3 (Broadway) bridge in Fulton.

So far, most of the bridge work has been done on the southern portion. New steel beam replacements were added to the bridge in the fall.

According to New York State Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Gene Cilento, most substructure work has been done, but cosmetic work will continue into the spring. Most recently, a water line and electrical conduits have been installed.

Weather permitting, National Grid will need to a run gas line on the southern portion of the bridge. Once the weather breaks in the spring, a concrete deck will be poured. Cilento described this as a major step because of the length of the Route 3 bridge. The cement will take a few weeks to fully cure and then the railing and poles can be put into place.

Cilento said that the public can expect the southern portion of the bridge to be open late spring/early summer. At that time, traffic with shift from the north to the south side of the bridge, where the same repairs will begin on the north side.

The estimated completion for the bridge is scheduled for the summer of 2014, meaning that construction will span another winter.

Cilento reminds pedestrians needing to cross the bridge by foot to make use of the shuttle, which operates on either side of the bridge Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The shuttle has reduced hours on Saturdays and doesn’t operate on Sundays.

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One thought on “Bridge work continues despite wintry conditions”

  1. With the bridge under construction so long why can’t we get an advanced green arrow at the Oneida Street/Route 481 intersection. Whoever the traffic engineer is in Fulton really needs to look into this. It is impossible to turn left without waiting for three to seven lights during peak times. PLEASE someone who has some pull help get this done!

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