Gone fishing

Gone fishing
Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

“I’m going fishing.”

That’s what I told Sweet Thing Tuesday morning. One way or another, I was going to be wetting a line at the inlet. I haven’t messed up on my New Year’s resolution.

I have been getting in some writing and I have been sitting in the sun, sorting my tackle and rearranging my tackle boxes. I’ve lubricated and relined reels, but as of Wednesday, the time for fishing had come.

Most of the time, I don’t care what I catch, even if it is something other than what I was in search of.

As long as it’s legal and good eating it will go into the cooler unless it happens to be fortunate enough to bite after I already have all the fish I want.

I seldom keep more than what Sweet Thing and I can eat in one or two meals, but if the fish are really good ones, I bring a few back for a couple of friends as well. They never turn them down. Maybe it’s because the fish come all cleaned and pan ready.

A couple of guys from the boat club went out fishing offshore last week. They caught plenty of red snapper, big groupers and black sea bass. Too bad they are all out of season. They threw them all back.

They did catch a couple trigger fish and a mackerel which they could keep. The red snapper and black sea bass are supposed to be severely over fished, but somehow there are more of them coming up on anglers lines than have been seen in more than a decade.

A lot of those fish are bigger too, but there are a ton of smaller fish that often end up grabbing the bait before the big guys can home in on it.

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