Valley Viewpoints: Shame on Fulton

by Vincent T. LaQuire, Fulton

I attended another meeting of the Fulton Zoning Board Jan. 10.

The last meeting I attended I left feeling confused by the board’s action. This time, I left feeling ashamed of the board members, who I feel dropped the ball in restoring 112 Division Street to the city’s tax roles by not compromising by allowing a variance for a single-family home, as offered by Mr. Tetro.

I must ask the board, “Where are your hearts for Fulton and its residents?”

Now I must live next to a house going to ruin; instead of one where my granddaughter and her children could have lived by their grandmother and me.

My pleas and arguments fell on deaf ears and cold hearts. They appeared set on keeping Mr. Tetro from owning another home on Division Street.

Every reasonable and sound argument was given as to how this would be to Fulton’s advantage. But it seemed to me that it was game, set, and match from the get go.

I feel if Christ himself were there speaking for Mr. Tetro, the board wouldn’t of heard him either as they had made up their minds already and no argument no matter how sound could of changed it.

I’m disappointed they wouldn’t even allow a single-family home at 112 Division. Where are honor, justice and fair treatment in Fulton now? I can only wonder!

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