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Bodley-RothrockKate_Wby Kate Rothrock

The first week back after the long vacation is over. Even though it was only three days it seemed too long!

Seniors don’t forget to get in your local scholarships!

Yesterday was the ski club’s first trip to Labrador Mountain! The ski club travels every Tuesday after school and doesn’t get back until 9 or 10 p.m.

Members of the ski club snowboard, ski, eat and enjoy the lodge. The ski club is very excited to have snow this year as last year there was hardly any snow for skiing and snowboarding. Senior Julia Spier, who has been a part of the ski club for three years, said “I’m so excited for all the snow and hot chocolate!”

The New Year brings a new face to GRB! Mr. Charles, the new assistant principal, joins us from the Phoenix school district. Born in Liverpool, Mr. Charles graduated high school from Christian Brothers Academy and also graduated from Cortland College with a physical education degree.

Mr. Charles has taught physical education and coached football at John C. Birdlebough high school and also in Houston, Texas.

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