Light In The Darkness: January 9, 2013

by Pastor David Grey

“I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer” — 1 Timothy 2:8

I had a discussion recently with a good friend regarding the focus of believers at such a day as this. His focus was on the need for believers to be more involved in our governmental processes (at all levels).

I took the position that the greatest need is for believers to humble ourselves in repentance and prayer. A short time later the matter became more clear to me than ever before. I would like to share it with you.

A believer’s involvement in the social/political processes is no substitute for prayer. It could be argued, I suppose, that neither is prayer a substitute for involvement. However, it has been my observation (and conviction that I believe is supported in scripture) that humility and prayer before Almighty God is the prerequisite or foundation for any of our efforts to be effective. I have also noticed that working at most anything is easier than devoting oneself to consistent, devoted times of serious prayer; it being one of the most difficult tasks we will ever undertake.

Thus, I believe that we are far more inclined to work without praying than we are to pray without working and that is what I believe we have done far too often.

We can work without ever confronting those things in our lives that prevent God from blessing our efforts. In other words, we can work and labor without ever humbling ourselves before God and having our vessels cleaned.

Few can pray for very long without hearing the Spirit confronting things in our lives that need to change. And so, we work because it is easier than serious humility and prayer.

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