County Republicans select leadership positions

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Republican Committee selected leadership positions for 2013 at a meeting held at Canale’s Restaurant in Oswego Thursday night.

Fred Beardsley won the nod for legislature chairman. His name will be presented on the floor of the Jan. 3 organizational meeting.

Beardsley ran against Legislator Linda Lockwood. It was unknown as of press time whether she will attempt to run on the floor. In order to win, she would need the support of the Democrats.

Legislator Kevin Gardner was nominated to serve as vice chairman. He won against Legislator Ron Sakonyi.

The vice chairman serves in the absence of the chairman. Gardner’s nomination will be brought to the floor at the organizational meeting.

Legislator Jim Oldenburg won the race for majority leader against Legislator Terry Wilbur. Oldenburg will take the position effective Jan. 3.

Legislator Milferd Potter was elected majority whip.  The duty of the whip is to notify absent members of caucus as to what occurred.

“As chairman of the Oswego County Republican Committee, I look forward to working with all members of the legislature in 2013 and especially the caucus elected leadership team,” said Michael Backus, who is also the Oswego County clerk.

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