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Roy Hodge
Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

It has turned out that one of my jobs around the house is keeping everything neat during the day.

My duties usually consist of doing a few dishes a couple of times a day and keeping clutter to a minimum, which I usually interpret as being able to walk around the house without every object I pass falling on the floor.

I am finding that my job gets a lot more difficult at this holiday time of the year.

We have had Christmas cookies in the house for a few weeks now. I know my wife has made some, but I am sure others have made their way into our house courtesy of baking friends.

They seem to come into our house in neat plastic bags, on plates or in attractive containers, but after a few days they were piling up and creating a messy situation. My solution to that problem – eat them.

Our home’s neatness during the holiday season time of the year is also challenged by several large cartons which find their way down from the attic. They are the containers which hold the hundreds of Christmas ornaments we have accumulated through the years.

Then, of course, there are the greetings we send and receive during the season. A couple of weeks ago we hauled all of the cards, envelopes and stamps out of the drawers and closets, wrote messages of Christmas time endearment inside the cards, put addresses and stuck stamps on the envelopes before licking and sealing them and sending the whole pile on its way.

We no sooner got all of those greetings into the mailbox when we started receiving several cards a day which are scattered all over the house.

And there is wrapping paper — boxes and bags of wrapping paper — some still fresh in its own wrapper, and some wrinkled and crinkled in expected and unexpected places.

A big part of the Christmas season, of course, are the gifts we buy, give and receive at this time of the year.

For the past couple of weeks Christmas gifts, coming in and going out, have been all over the place during different stages of the gift buying and giving process.  All that once beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon was turned into torn and shredded trash.

That brings us to where we are now — a few days after Christmas — with the shredded trash, all those empty cartons in the garage, basement or attic, all the stuff that belongs inside them, the cookie crumbs, the hundreds of needles which have fallen from the Christmas tree, all those greeting cards, the used gift wrapping, and don’t forget — all of that new stuff.

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