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We used to laugh at my Grandmother and think she was “cute” because she wore hats and gloves and did silly things and was so darn forgetful. Why can’t she get my name right? I’d wonder after she’d gone through the entire list of family names before she’d get to mine.

“All she does is talk about her aches and pains,” I’d say to my mother who’d shake her head in agreement. It was so like Gramma to walk through our door and start in about her high blood pressure and arthritis and carry on so that you’d wonder if she’d live through the day!

Bless her heart. What did I know when I was so young? Oh, how I’d love to be able to spend time with her now. Especially now that I’ve pretty much turned into a replica of her — white hair, forgetfulness, aches and pains and all!

When I wake up in the morning I wonder what’s going to hurt today. Lately it’s been my right hip. Am I due for another hip replacement? I contemplate.

My right thumb throbs a lot too – some days it’s as sore as “a sore thumb!” (I don’t think they can replace a thumb, can they?)

I guess it’s too much of throwing a 16-pound bowling ball down the lanes in a couple of bowling leagues a couple of nights a week way back when, and maybe to too much computer time and cross stitching down through the years.

If a person lives long enough, I’m slowing finding out, all the hurts they endure will eventually come back to haunt them. I’m also hearing that many of my older friends are in the same boat! (Okay, admit it, it’s nice to have someone who understands to commiserate with.)

And that’s how it goes. Speaking of “goes,” the memory, hearing and eyesight is under siege as well. My eyesight isn’t the best. But my eye-doctor said maybe someday they’d have genetic engineering to fix it. That’s something to look forward to, I contemplate again.

I am thankful for my hearing aids; however, it sure beats saying “Huh?” or “What?” every other minute. Even so, Ed, my ever patient husband, and I shout back and forth from one room to the other and still don’t always know what the other one is saying. He has hearing aids, too!

He and I also seem to spend a lot of time searching our house for lost items. Where in the blankety-blank blank did I put my car keys! Where did I leave my glasses? Where’s my cell phone? Did you see what I did with my billfold? Have you seen my pocketbook?

You know how it is. You open the refrigerator door and can’t remember what the heck you’re looking for. Or, you’re out and about and see somebody you’ve known for ages and recognize the familiar face. But for the life of you, you cannot come up with a name!

So you stand there, smile and nod your head, while searching your mind, in vain, because no matter how much you try you draw a blank. You feel embarrassed and mad at yourself for not remembering who it is, but carry on as best you can and hope and pray your old friend doesn’t guess you don’t have a clue. Later that day, or maybe in the middle of the night, voila, their name pops up as clear as a bell!

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