Christmas Choir

Christmas Choir

by Jim Farfaglia


Maybe they were famous

in other grown-up ways:

Hollywood musicals, cowboy shows

or those sappy songs from olden days.


But for us ‘60s kids

who never knew the reason,

they were just joyful people, back again,

for another yuletide season.


Each of them brought us

their own special holiday song,

and we’d hear them in crowded stores

or on the radio all the day long.


One sang so holly jolly,

one of a nose so bright.

One got us rockin’ ‘round the tree,

another, dreaming of Christmases white.


And even though the rest of the year

we’d never hear them sing,

we knew that come December time

Gene and Burl, Brenda and Bing


would join together for a visit

to offer their lyrical cheer,

filling our hearts with hope

as Christmas Day drew near.

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