Christmas Bonus

Christmas Bonus

by Jim Farfaglia


You sit at the secretaries’ table,

nibbling hors d’oeuvres;

grateful for this holiday gathering,

for time away from the office routine.


I’m the DJ playing Christmas tunes,

sugarplum songs your boss purchased

to drown out the awkwardness

that keeps each table to themselves.


When you approach me with a smile

and whisper your request,

I nod to you, but think to myself:

There goes this party.


Still, I cue up your selection, and watch

as you retie your festive scarf,

breathe in the opening chords of your song

and step up to the microphone.


Your first timid words are lost to chatter,

but one by one, co-workers turn to your voice,

forget their gripes, and remember the magic

of a song sung true…


A simple yuletide carol

that lights our memories bright

and fills this humble room

with its message of the coming Joy…


As the last chorus fades

you return to your table, bathed in applause.

Dinner is being served,

but no one cares –


instead, we in this room

are only hungry for humanity,

and I watch as it’s offered:

Joy being shared, table to table.

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