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 by Theodore B. Galvin, Chairman First Fire District, Town of Granby

I am writing this article in regards to the upcoming election for commissioner of the First Fire District Town of Granby election. This will take place Dec. 11 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Granby Center Fire Dept. 1400 Co. Rte. 8.

I support the re-election of Dave Okoniewski. Dave has been a member of this Department for 40 plus years and a board member for 20 years. As a board member, he has been very instrumental in budget process. In fact this year, he and our treasurer found ways to cut the budget by $5,000 for the preliminary draft.

All of the board members agreed to the cuts, thus saving the taxpayers a considerable increase. This man puts in countless hours, doing maintenance, cleaning, and everyday upkeep of the fire station, with no compensation, just dedication to the fire district he serves.  I met Dave 26 years ago when I joined the Granby Fire Department and found him to be a very knowledgeable person, willing to take the time to teach and explain the bi-laws of the department. As a board member, he has always reached out to answer any questions posed to him.

Dave is now in his mid-sixties and continues to be one of the most active firemen in all aspects; calls, fund-raisers, meetings and anything else that needs a volunteer worker. Taxpayers needs have always come first, this he has always served his position as commissioner with that in mind. So I have to ask you… do you want someone with 40 plus years of experience and knowledge, or someone who has only been with the department for one year.

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