Valley Viewpoints: Disappointed

by Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bell of Granby

Being a resident of Granby, my wife and I decided to go to the public budget meeting. What a very disappointing meeting it was. Questions were asked, but no town council person would answer.

Is there not a public meeting? Every person attending spoke against pay raises. I believe the name plates are Lorie Blackburn, Susan Richardson, Joe Cortini, who sat up there and represented my wife and I. What a sad group of people. Not one answer.  What I understand now is this group passed the budget. After all spoke against raises, all got raises. Do they sit there with ear plugs? We, the taxpayers pay them $3,200 a year. For what?

If any one of them run again to sit in that seat, believe me, my wife and I will be the first in line to vote against these three people. We need people to listen to the taxpayers. Not just give away our tax dollars while sitting there smirking about how we feel, like Ms. Richardson was doing at this meeting. How rude!

I have spoken with people from other townships and have learned that they don’t get raises before their term is over and certainly not within the first year. You need to know your job, prove yourself and be there. Granby’s highway superintendent does not have to meet this criteria, but deserves a raise, why? This is very disappointing to see. All our tax dollars being thrown away.

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