Full legislature to take a look at DSS bids

by Carol Thompson

To better control the cost of an asbestos abatement project that has soared, the entire Oswego County Legislature will review and vote on all bid proposals, bypassing the protocol of the jurisdictional committee members to pass a recommendation to the legislature.

Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley reminded the Infrastructure and Facilities Committee that the procedure was agreed on months ago.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Purchasing Director Fred Maxon that the general construction and electrical contract bids were due soon. Discussion ensued in regard to calling a special committee meeting to review the bids. “It has to go through this committee first before it goes to the floor,” Legislator James Oldenburg, chairman of the committee, said.

Beardsley questioned why the bids would go before the committee, to the full legislature, and back to committee.

County Administrator Phil Church said once the bids are in, they can be brought to the committee for approval.

Beardsley asked what happens if the legislature doesn’t approve the full scope of the work.

Maxon said the bids have options and those options will be presented to the committee. Beardsley said when the funding for the project was approved, it was done so that the full legislature would approve the scope of the work. “Now the committee is going to approve some or all of that,” Beardsley said.

Church said the legislature can alter the options as they feel necessary. “So, the full legislature does get all the information,” Church said.

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