Oswego student continues mission to help the homeless


Emily Bradshaw (center), a student at Oswego Middle School, delivers some of 540 personal care bags that she has collected to OCO Homeless Services for distribution to people in need. Bradshaw, who is currently lobbying for the establishment of a homeless shelter in Oswego County, is collecting personal care items for distribution to homeless people in Oswego County. Pictured with Bradshaw are Sabine Ingerson (left), director of ARISE of Oswego County and Sarah Irland (right), deputy executive director of Oswego County Opportunities.

Homelessness. It exists in virtually every community and impacts all ages.

In some cases, the plight of the homeless is easily recognizable, in others it is more of a silent, unseen issue.

While homelessness in Oswego County is not always recognizable, it does exist. A one day study conducted by the County of Oswego Advocates Challenging Homelessness indicates that on any day in Oswego county over 85 county residents have no place to call home and over 30 more are on the brink of homelessness.

While there are some services available, one basic need is not: shelter where they find temporary comfort from the elements.

There is no homeless shelter in Oswego County, however, 12-year old Emily Bradshaw, a student at Oswego Middle School, is on a mission to change that.

“My grandmother works at DSS (Oswego County Department of Social Services) and when I heard that there were hundreds of homeless people in Oswego County but no homeless shelter it upset me a lot,” she said. “I decided I was going to do whatever I can to get one.”

Bradshaw began her quest for a homeless shelter with a visit to the Oswego County Legislature in September when she voiced her concern and spoke of the issue of homelessness and the need for a homeless shelter. “This is a serious issue and we need to help people,” said Bradshaw.

Following her appeal to the Oswego County Legislature, she spoke with Oswego County Social Services Commissioner Greg Heffer and the executive director of Oswego County Opportunities, a community action agency that offers several programs for the homeless.

“They suggested that since it may take a while to get a homeless shelter and that while I was lobbying I could start a drive to collect personal care items that would be distributed to homeless people,” said Bradshaw.

And so it began. Through personal visits and letters, Bradshaw contacted businesses, organizations, dentists, churches, family and friends shared her mission with them and asked for donations of personal care items.

She was very pleased with the responses she received noting that the community has been very generous, even her classmates helped her.

With a goal of collecting enough items to make 500 personal care bags, Bradshaw began collecting, sorting, and putting together the bags.  In less than three months she not only met her goal, she far surpassed it, and isn’t done yet. “I’ve made 540 bags…and counting,” said Bradshaw. “I’m happy that the community is helping me. It makes me feel good.”

Bradshaw said that she has already begun distributing the bags with DSS receiving 150 bags and Oswego High School, Oswego Middle School, and G. Ray Bodley High School each receiving 50 bags.  “Even though we may not know it there are a lot of homeless students,” she said. “I was told that during any given week there are at least two-dozen homeless students at Oswego High School alone. It makes me happy to know that I am helping them.”

Additionally, Bradshaw said that she would be distributing personal care bags along with hats and scarves during the Oswego Salvation Army Thanksgiving dinner.

Throughout her drive for personal care bags, Bradshaw has continued to lobby for the creation of a homeless shelter.  he continues to share her vision with Oswego County legislators, her city councilor, the Mayor of Oswego, and other county and state representatives.

She has met with Assemblyman Will Barclay and has reached out to Congressman Bill Owens and Senator Patty Ritchie.

“Bad things can happen to good people and everyone deserves to be treated equal. It makes my heart feel happy because I know I am helping people and that our community is helping people,” said Bradshaw.

Those seeking to contribute to Bradshaw’s personal care bags drive you may contact Jennifer Bradshaw at 342-3164 or via e-mail at hockeyfans@twcny.rr.com to arrange for pick up of items.

Donations may also be dropped off in the main office of the Oswego Middle School, 100 Mark FitzGibbons Drive.

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