Valley Viewpoints: Food stamps

by Ralph Riker, Florida

I think Carol Thompson’s article, “The face of welfare isn’t always one of abuse,” published in the Nov. 1 edition of The Valley News, is well written and true.

We never know what the people are going through in a grocery line when they lay down the food stamps. More than likely, it is something they don’t want to do.

Some of us have wild imaginations and think they are all lazy and love it. There will always be some freeloaders, but how do we have the everlasting gall to make a judgement without knowing the facts?

That’s known as prejudice.

Unfortunately, that is probably the way it will always be because we see these things first hand and complain about them promptly. We don’t see the millionaires and billionaires in everyday life to complain to because they’re hidden away in faraway places where nobody can find them and they protect themselves with gates.

They have most of the riches of the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Ten percent of the richest own 85 percent of the wealth, worldwide, and that’s an old figure. The ones in the United States, since they have most of the money, use it to their advantage to buy people in Congress, to create loopholes in the tax law to make it advantageous for them to buy people overseas where the labor is cheap with no environmental controls and lots of tax shelters. Real patriotic!

Where did Nestle go…South America? Where did Smith Corona in Cortland go…Singapore? The list gets long from around the country. Then they ship all their goods back to the USA and expect us to buy them — after they gave our jobs away overseas and now we don’t have any money to buy their stuff. The idea of moving businesses overseas started many years ago and, at first, didn’t affect only a few thousand people but as the years went by, it snowballed into what it is now. We have reached a point where most of the country’s riches are being transferred to the people who already have most of it anyway.

Also, computers, which can be a very useful tool in keeping records, have also been used to control robots, which take away jobs in addition to the jobs going overseas.

We’ve seen on the news where a car is assembled in Detroit by mostly robots. They don’t talk back to the boss. They don’t ask for a break. They don’t have to eat lunch. They don’t get sick. They don’t get health benefits. They work for any wage. They’ll work around the clock every day of the week and every week of the year.

Who could ask for anything more?

When I see billionaires moving their companies back to Fulton, when I see them moving back to Cortland, Detroit, Cleveland, New York; when I see them stop using overseas tax shelters; when I see them stop being so greedy, then — and only then — will I complain about people with food stamps.

They have their own Golden Rule, which is “those who have the gold, make the rules.”

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One thought on “Valley Viewpoints: Food stamps”

  1. I see that “Bob and Mary” are heading to PA were Bob has a new job. Though its a shame he had to go to PA to find a job ( that speaks for its self ) I wish him and Mary and their child the best of luck just wanted them to know most decent people realize that everyone needs a helping hand now and again. Despite the ignorance that takes place in some of our local places of business by our neighbors (believe me, we don’t all feel that way), we all wish you happiness and good health.

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