Valley Viewpoints: Common cause

by Nick Latino (via e-mail)

There was a very nice Valley Viewpoint by Vincent T. LaQuire. I remember all of what he wrote. I like to visit Mr. Tryniski’s web site to see the past as most want to do when they get older.

Remember swimming in the lake when the beach was full of people? I remember renting row boats and catching all sorts of fish in the early 60s.

My brother is very interested in getting involved in cleaning up the lake, so I’ve determined that when I retire in two years, my activity to keep me busy is to get involved 100 percent.

Friends of mine in our community in business, politics, law, advertising, who are from my generation — don’t be surprised when I get in touch to ask questions about how we can make the lake nice for the kids who will someday want to have memories of Fulton and how a bunch of old timers got together for a common cause.

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