Laughing Through Life: November 21, 2012

thanksgivingAndrew Henderson

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the holiday commercialization apparently forgot — and you know what, that’s okay with me.

Thanksgiving, you see, is a time not for presents, TV specials, and door-buster sales. It’s more than that. It has to be.

It’s a time for turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, hot dinner rolls, stuffing, apple pie, pumpkin pie…

I jest, of course. I truly am thankful for more than the typical Thanksgiving fare.

There is football, too!

As a child growing up, Thanksgiving meant one thing: decorating the Christmas tree. In the Henderson household, it is a tradition to put up and decorate the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving.

There is something about having a belly full of turkey watching a television show in the dark with the glimmer of red, blue, orange, white, and purple radiating from the Christmas tree. To me, that speaks of family.

This Thanksgiving, I have come to the conclusion that I am really thankful for my wife, Gina. She has to put up with me. A lot.

And I’m not talking about my snoring. By the way, I don’t know how I can sleep now without someone poking me once or twice in the middle of the night.

“Stop it! You’re snoring!”

I’m talking about my obsession with all things baseball and the St. Louis Cardinals as well as my other quirky habits and such.

Gina is an angel — my angel! She is truly “special,” which her aunt tells me every time I see her. My response? “I’m special, too – by marriage.”

I am also thankful for my family, which starts with mom and dad, Connie and Bill Henderson. They have been through a lot over the years health-wise and still they are going strong.

If you don’t know my parents, just think Archie and Edith Bunker. They love to bicker (in jest, of course), but they also love each other deeply. I’m blessed to have great parents!

Then there is my brother, Derek, and my favorite sister-in-law named Lisa. Derek is the best older brother a guy can have.  And Lisa is my favorite sister-in-law named Lisa. They have given me two nieces and two nephews, who are the best.

I am also thankful for my in-laws. They are great. They have allowed me to marry their “special” daughter, hence, allowing me to become “special,” too.

Of course, my wife comes from a large  family. I am also thankful for my brothers-in-law, Ron, Andrew and Aylan, and my favorite sister-in-law named Joanne  and my favorite sister-in-law named Stephanie.  Joanne and Aylan have two small children, who are, like, totally awesome!

I am also thankful for my job and the opportunity to be a part of the greater Fulton community. I’m thankful for all my co-workers, who are the best people to work with. We have so much fun.

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